How are you feeling today?

Stressed? Tired? Stuck? Happy? Sad? 

Drained? Energized? Numb? Scared?Buzzing with excitement? Scared?

A tightness in your chest?  Light as a feather? Thirsty? Snacky?

There are SO MANY possible answers to that question each and every moment. But often, we’re so busy thinking, planning, getting from Point A to Point B literally or figuratively– getting stuff done– that we don’t  know. We have NO IDEA what’s going on emotionally or physically with ourselves because we’re so focused on others or work or making sure everything goes according to plan. And where does that leave us?

Where does that leave YOU?

Are you simply going through the motions, are you on autopilot? Have you had major life changes (relationship, children, health issues, +) yet continue to move through each day with the same habits as if you were invincible and totally independent? I’m talking about those habits formed in high school and college, when our metabolisms were faster, our sleep habits were not routine, we may have been more physically active and we operated primarily concerned about our own needs.

Flash forward 5, 10, 20 years to NOW.

Are those the habits you’re still living? How are they working for you? Do you experience joy and connection? How does they impact your health, relationships and your overall wellbeing?

Reflect on this a moment.

Pause. Take a breath. Sloooow down.

Taking time to become aware of who we are physically, emotionally and spiritually through bodywork, meditation practice, and inquiry is essential for learning to exist in a state of dynamic aliveness.

Bodywork aids us in placing attention on our physical experience, which can also serve to connect to our emotional and psychological experience and how it impacts our physical state.

Health Coaching with me involves exploration of our judgments and emotions lead us to awareness of the choices we make in our daily lives, and from that awareness, we can determine whether our daily habits and decisions support us in living the life we want to be living or keep us from it. We often know what we need to do or what we think we should do to be living a more healthful, happy life. And there is often a disconnect between that intellectual awareness and our ability to live it.

Whether you begin with health coaching, some form of bodywork, or integrate the two, the healing and shift in lived experience that can occur is extremely powerful.


Rebecca A. Weinstein, BA, LMT, CHC

What I offer through health coaching, aquatic work and massage/energy work supports you in your process to live authentically through developing a more refined awareness of the truth of your experience.

I look forward to hearing from you! Contact me to schedule your appointment for bodywork or your *FREE* Breakthrough Session today!